If you are interested in having a display table at our Fall Conference on November 2 at Brooklyn Technical High School, please see the following vendor letters and applications:

For regular vendors:

For non-profit vendors:

bag.jpgVendors who have registered are eligible to apply for a limited number of Brown Bag lunch sessions via the application available below.

Information for Vendors from the Division of Contracts and Purchasing

If your company does not have a NYCDOE Contract Number or NYCDOE Vendor Number, please contact the Division of Contracts and Purchasing for additional information at //**vendorhotline@schools.nyc.gov**//. If you do not want to pursue a contract with the NYCDOE, you can sell your material through a contracted vendor or obtain a vendor number for purchases under $250.
A few details that will help make your participation go smoothly:

1. We will not have access to the Internet in the main vendor area. We are working with the technician at Brooklyn Tech to make sure that all of the vendors who request electrical access will have it. You should bring an extension cord to facilitate connecting to the electrical wire network set up by Brooklyn Tech. However, if you need Internet connectivity to showcase your products, you will need to provide your own laptop and your own wireless network card.
2. Because of the DOE firewall, we need to know in advance all of the Website addresses you might want to use. Please e-mail these URLs to mjacobs7@schools.nyc.gov by October 19. Tech people will check them to make sure that they are accessible and if they are not, they will unblock them so they will be available on Nov. 2. On the day of the conference it will not be possible to get sites unblocked. It is not necessary to send the sites if you are using your own wireless network card, only if you plan to use a DOE computer in your Brown Bag presentation.

3. Just a reminder: we have to order tables from a separate vendor.

The tables will be approximately 6’ X 30”. They do not provide skirts, although the Office of Library Services has purchased plastic tablecloths. You are welcome to bring your own table cover with your logo.
4. If you are offering door prizes, we are asking you to handle the drawing individually. We are not doing a central raffle.

5. Vendors may arrive at 7 a.m. on November 2. Brooklyn Technical High School is located at: 29 FT GREENE PLACE , BROOKLYN NY, 11217. Please use the handicapped accessible Entrance # 15 on South Elliot Place (the street on the other side of the building from Ft. Greene Place). It is located on the Southeast corner of the Brooklyn Tech building. This entrance has a ramp so it will be easier to bring carts into the building. From there you will be directed to an elevator to take you to the 7th floor cafeteria where the vendor display area will be located. If you need to drop off your materials and go and park your car before setting up, we will have conference volunteers available to keep an eye on your materials. However, these volunteers will not be able to physically help you transport your material or set up your display.

6. If you are hosting a Brown Bag session, please note that although the lunch period is one hour long, participants will need time to pick up their box lunch in the cafeteria and make their way to your presentation. Giving consideration to this and the time needed for people to travel, get settled and ask questions, we suggest that your formal presentation take no longer than one-half hour. (Note that this year, a box lunch will be provided to all conference attendees and vendors.) It may be helpful if you sign people up at your vendor table in the morning, but it is not required. Each room holds about 30 people.

7. Please visit "Trains, Planes and Automobiles" page for additional information on near-by parking facilities:
Also, please check out the "Vendor List" page. There you will see that we have tried to provide our attendees with a link to every registered vendor by creating linked logos. If you find that your logo is not there or that the link is not correct, please send an e-mail to jschaff3@schools.nyc.gov and it will be corrected.